Poetry for PNG

Australia sends refugees to Papua New Guinea. Why not  poetry instead?

Books, subscriptions, and internet connections are expensive in PNG, so access to contemporary poetry is limited. The Crocodile Prizes, PNG’s  literary awards, are  announced next month, and poets and writers from  across the country will be gathering in Port Moresby.

Chris Lynch is going, and would love to take as much poetry as he can carry. So he’s  appealing to the Brisbane poetry community for any books, journals, or  zines you’d like to share with New Guinean poets.

Got something? Great! There are three ways to get it to PNG.

1. Come to SpeedPoets at The Hideaway, 2-5pm on Sat 31st August. Andrew Phillips will be collecting all books.

2. Come to the SpeedPoets event at BWF, 2-3pm on Sat 7th September.  Find Chris Lynch or Andrew (we’ll be among the SpeedPoets crew performing).


3. Post it to Bardon to arrive by Fri 6th September. (Contact bychrislynch@gmail.com for the address.)


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