Founding Members

Graham Nunn

Graham Nunn is a founding member of Brisbane’s longest running poetry event, SpeedPoets. He blogs fiercely at Another Lost Shark: and has published five collections of poetry, his most recent, Ocean Hearted, published by Another Lost Shark Publications in July 2010. His debut CD, recorded in collaboration with Sheish Money, The Stillest Hour was recently shortlisted for the Overload Poetry Festival’s Aural Text Award.

Rowan Donovan

Beautiful and Organic. I have never heard a more charming sound than Mr. Donovan describing his passion for living. His commitment to his soul is the architecture in his words. Rowan released his debut collection, The Lateness of Goodnight in 2007.

Brentley Frazer

Methodical and Damning. His approach has been likened to WS Burroughs and his campaigns include a vast history of texts both published and non. His is editor and lord at Retort Magazine.

Fakie Wilde

Fakie Wilde (who also writes under a slew of other alias’s) is writer of poetry and various other forms of text. Dubbed as a Psycho-Dellic or Post-Futurist, his writing is as slippery to define as current gender trends. Renowned for his “irresponsible” approach to monotonous formality. One of the loudest and most definitive performers in Australia, he has recently reverted to include sensitivity and reservation to his dynamic approach. Previously, he wrote “POX” (poetry) in 1999. His latest book “XONNOX” (a prose novel) was released in January 2004. He frequents recording studios with a horde of different musicians as well as recording his solo acoustic project “Blue Star Airlines” and uncountable mixes and remixes of various scripts over drum ‘n bass music mixed by DJ Pharmakon.

Stefanie Petrik

Stefanie Petrik has been imagining things since first opening her eyes. Ever since that point, she has been experimenting with ways to prove her existence, the most recent and relevant – writing and film-making. Her textual experiments may or may not explain why the world has gone insane. Her debut collection, The Artist VS The Upstanding Citizen was released in 2009.

Robert Lort

Grotesque and heinously dark, writing with an inconceivable vitality that draws from the darkest and creepiest corners of a debauched human psyche. With multilingual skills, he has worked across theoretical, fictional and poetic realms, inspired by everything from Surrealism to Deleuze & Guattari to avant-garde music and film. Robert Lort maintains the Azimute website Azimute and is an occasional art critic for RealTime.


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