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CALL BACK POET     –    September 2014





Bed of Nails

I thought I read you well

Foresaw our future

in a teacup

Woke up to the rain

I had my head in the clouds

tripping on treetops

I wanted to cut off

your wings

Set fire to the sky

But I always knew

you would defy gravity

and rise like a Phoenix

I could never hold

you down for long

Pull you into my bed of nails

I have a desert

in the pit of my stomach

A sandstorm in my eyes

Memories mixing

with regret

No reservoir of comfort

Just another casualty

M.Shanti 2013



Shanti or M.Shanti, which her close friends know is short for Michelle and which they also know never to call her, came to poetry late.  After being introduced to it through her brother Francis, in 2000.  Who at the time was on the QPF board and involved in the Brisbane poetry scene.  After attending SpeedPoets, as an audience member for several years, from it’s inception, Shanti became so saturated by poetry, it entered into her blood stream.  The natural progression then was to start writing and reading her own poems.  Shanti has been attending SpeedPoets ever since, except for the occasions when work has got in the way.  Shanti has read at a variety of other poetry gigs but SpeedPoets will always be her favorite.

(For my Dad)

She sews on diamonds
to hide the scars
Hums a melody
to void the silence
Dreams of dancing
in the streets of Paris
And the clock ticks on
sunlight falls
across the floor
And in the shadows
she sees the faces
of friends long gone
She plants sunflowers
to light her memories
Lies down amongst the roses
to feel the rip of thorns
And the comfort of the earth
surrounding her body
Safe in the knowledge
that one day soon she will return
from where once she came

M.Shanti 2006



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call -back poet April 2014 – JODI CLEGHORN

call -back poet April 2014 – JODI CLEGHORN

sidewaysBWJODI CLEGHORN (@jodicleghorn) is an author, editor, small press owner and of late, poet, with a penchant for the dark vein of humanity. With short stories published at home and abroad and an Aurealis short-listed novella (Elyora/River of Bones) behind her, the publication of her first poem, Ambrosia, marks a new beginning in story telling. http://www.jodicleghorn.com


We almost had sex.
Almost broke the lounge
as ‘Blue Velvet’ played to itself on the TV.
The gas radiator filled the room with heat
augmented by our lust.
When you slipped out into the cold night air
your calling card was my body,
almost covered in carpet burn.

I almost fell for you.
The man who parked his car a block away
so the cleaner from work,
who lived around the corner,
had no chance to put two and two together.
But still you huddled into my door,
knocking with an urgency
I mistook for me.

You, who moved your girlfriend in
so you could pretend to be
almost faithful.
You, who hissed, ‘Not here’
when I said ‘hello’ in the bread aisle
and later turned up to seduce me
while you were almost getting ice cream
for the girlfriend-now-fiance.

I almost cried that afternoon
as you drove off without saying goodbye.
When I was almost no longer there
and you had already moved on.
It was easy to regret everything,
rewrite it in the diesel fumes,
when I was almost at the town limits
but still so far away
from arriving.

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In the deep mid-winter – Call-back Poet July 14



I’m Chris Lynch, a writer, teacher, and keen traveller, hiker, and photographer.

I was born and grew up in Papua New Guinea, and have also lived in Australia, the US, China, and Japan. I’m based in Brisbane, Australia, but maintain a strong connection to the land of my birth.

I’ve worked as a freelance writer/editor, English teacher, tutor, workshop facilitator, examiner, soldier, photographer, labourer, and college manager. I have degrees in journalism and ecology, an MA in TESOL, a Grad Dip in Writing, Editing, and Publishing, and a certificate in Wilderness First Aid. A graduate of the fabulous Clarion South Writers Workshop (2007), I’m currently writing poetry and a book about walking the length of Japan, and co-writing a novel with my friend Christopher Green. I’m also the owner of Tangled Bank Press.




Here is a list of poems posted in April from Chris’s web site: http://www.chrislynch.com.au/



the old pack again:
one more trip

Poem 2014/50

and on this song
I run

Poem 2014/49

drinks with the old groundsman       who goes there?

Poem 2014/48

dawn clouds rush towards me… a black bird flicks its tail

Poem 2014/43

kumul cries in the forest… west papua

Poem 2014/42

sorry, Muttaburrasaurus, too busy t his week

Poem 2014/47

dinner conversation
splits, converges, splits…
old friends

Poem 2014/45

bone moon…
it’s the Earth
that’s bleeding

Poem 2014/46

by Beethoven’s ninth
speaker phone

Poem 2014/44

in evening rain
the red light

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call-back poet
October 14

Ron Heard enjoys life in Brisbane among the heat, rain and backyard chooks. He cares for an adult disabled son and edits The Mozzie an independent poetry magazine that publishes over 400 poems a year. His collection she-oak, river and wind was shortlisted for the Thomas Shapcott prize. His most recent publication is a verse novel The Shadow of Troy.


The Shadow of Troy, Chapter 1


wet mist slides in from the Aegean

the night is moonless black

the hardest weather to be on watch

and we feel the honour of being chosen

we sit 400 paces from the fires

Kokkinos and me      Naftis

our hair beards and cloaks are wet

no talk      we listen

ears are eyes tonight

we listen

water drips from grasses

laughter drifts from round the fires

waves splash on the shore


the night passes

unmeasured time

with the stars hidden by mist

we listen

a soft thump

frog or footstep?

another thump

Kokkinos touches my ear

finds my hand to point it

yes      footsteps



Kokkinos pursues

I stay to signal

two long low whistles

and a rising tone

second watch needed

I signal again

ten heartbeats

an answer

second watch coming


free now to leave my place

I run

follow the sound of running

but I am many paces behind

I hear shouts      a clash

confusion      a yell

a shepherd’s signal

the ram has got away

I understand

and whistle


the ford

I hold my breath and listen for the river sound


get to the ford in time to hear feet splash


I leap towards the sound

grab an arm

his chest

hold him as he fights to get free

his sweat mingles with mine

I feel his breath

his fierceness

his fear

I tighten my hold

but he is stronger and frees an arm

his hand on my face then

an explosion of light and colour

pain      nausea

as he stabs at my eye

in the pain I find unexpected strength

I lift his feet from the ground

twist him down

until his head is under the water

he struggles wildly but I hold him there

a convulsion      less force

I hold him there

I hold him there

until my own breath is calmer

count another hundred

and drag his body to the shore

water flows from his mouth      cold then warm

no breath

a plover calls      kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek

Published in The Shadow of Troy


(West End / Highgate Hill)


half way down Brighton Road

a gatepost hums

hisses      murmurs


a microcosm of every sound

within the loop of the river


dawn chorus among the fig trees

an old man recites a poem by Borges

transformers buzz in the Boundary Street sub-station

children repeat Greek verbs

Aboriginal dance      rembetika      flamenco      gamelan

kitchen clatter in a Turkish restaurant

on Dornoch Terrace a cyclist reaches the crest

and freewheels, gaining speed

rain falls on the river

a bus slows

lovers whisper


Published in she-oak, river and wind
night river

black night, heavy rain, open boat

shining torches on the bank to steer

mangroves through the rain green-black, unclear

the open inboard engine’s even beat

the banks give way on the left and right

and we are in a lake of black – and steering

now by map and compass      looking, searching

for wooden beacons hidden in the night

the boat in blackness makes us speak about

Greek underworld, the Styx, the Ferryman

not afterlife      our senses are too keen

sharp with smell of petrol, mud and salt

and now the full moon breaks the clouds, shines low

to make a white and perfect moon rainbow

Published in she-oak, river and wind

in another life I will be

one of the systems programmers

at Deakin University

who doesn’t show up for work

when the surf is running at Bell’s

with a partner

who keeps goats and geese

teaches ceramics at TAFE

and shares my interest in

ten acres at Paraparap

where we are planting vines

and experimenting with

vintages of white shiraz

and, perhaps at times

alone with the sea

I could think of another life

where I have a disabled son

and all the heartbreak and joy

of ongoing care

that mixed with

snatched moments of stillness

make poetry possible

Published in Metabolism, Australian Poetry Limited Members Anthology 2012

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Pascalle Burton & Tylea live at SpeedPoets this Saturday

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about the ‘SpeedPoets Only’ collaboration between Pascalle Burton & Tylea that will envelop one and all at the Hideaway (188 Brunswick St) this Saturday, August 31. Anyone who saw them together on the stage at QPF 2012, will, I am sure, share my excitement.

To get you buzzing, here’s the film that won Pascalle Burton the 2013 QPF Filmmaker’s Challenge and an absolute gem from Tylea’s former band, Gota Cola. Now imagine the combined adventurous spirit of these two ladies on stage… good times ahead!

And of course, there will be bountiful open mic opportunities, free zines, raffles and the guitar roar of Sheish Money. Be there to experience something special!

Date: Saturday August 31
Venue: The Hideaway, 188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
Time: Doors at 1:30pm for a 2pm Open Mic Start until 5pm
Entry: Gold Coin Donation


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August SpeedPoets featuring Pascalle Burton & Tylea

August is a massive month of poetry here in Brisbane – it’s QLD Poetry Festival time – so it seems right that SpeedPoets brings it to a close when it returns to The Hideaway (188 Brunswick St) on Saturday August 31. The lineup for August is another stunner, with solo feature sets from Pascalle Burton and Tylea, as well as a special collaborative performance.

Singer songwriter Tylea’s ethereal music has been resonating for the past two decades in either her solo work or in Gota Cola. She will be featuring at the next Speedpoets alongside performance poet Pascalle Burton. Tylea’s recent show, featuring the music of the Twin Peaks soundtrack at the Brisbane Powerhouse, was astonishing and her otherworldly yet unpretentious music has the ability to trigger emotion in virtually any audience. Pascalle and Tylea collaborated on a Yoko Ono based piece at QPF last year. For this year’s QPF, Pascalle has been working on the Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. installation as well as a new performance work based on the idea of conceptual poetry called Poems by Telephone. By request, Pascalle and Tylea will collaborate again on some new pieces especially for Speedpoets. Both artists continue to be inspired by the work of Yoko Ono and promise to bring ample amounts of light and dark.

And as always, there will be plenty of space in the Open Mic Section with all readers in the running to be named Call-Back-Poet for the month. Each of the Call-Back-Poets will earn themselves a feature spot at the November event where they will have the opportunity to take home cash prizes, be crowned SpeedPoets Open Mic Champion. There will also be free zines, raffles and the guitar roar of Sheish Money! What more could one want?

Ink it in your diary people!

Date: Saturday August 31
Venue: The Hideaway, 188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
Time: Doors at 1:30pm for a 2pm Open Mic Start until 5pm
Entry: Gold Coin Donation


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July SpeedPoets featuring Shane Rhodes, Ghostboy & Cindy Keong

SpeedPoets returns to The Hideaway (188 Brunswick St) in July with an all-star lineup featuring the 2013 Arts QLD Poet-in-Residence, Shane Rhodes, Ghostboy and his co-conspirator Sir Richard Grantham and the launch of Cindy Keong’s debut collection, Same Sky.

Shane RhodesShane Rhodes is the author of five collections of poetry, including The Wireless Room, Holding Pattern, The Bindery, and most recently, Err. His poetry has won an Alberta Book Award, two Lampman Awards, the P. K. Page Founder’s Award for Poetry, and the National Magazine Gold Award for Poetry in 2010. His latest collection, Err, was a finalist for the 2012 City of Ottawa Book Award. Shane’s poetry has also been featured in national and international anthologies such as Best Canadian Poetry in English 2012, 2011 and 2008, Breathing Fire II, How the Light Gets In and Seminal: Canada’s Gay Male Poets.

ghostboy-gloveGhostboy is one of Australia’s foremost spoken word & performance artists. A live hybrid of performance poetry, absurdist comedy and “spoken weird” theatre, Ghostboy has featured at numerous major writing and poetry festivals. In 2011 Ghostboy created a two-man neo-cabaret comedy – ‘We Love You!’ – with multi- instrumentalist Richard Grantham (Deep Blue Orchestra). The two team up again this July to perform some of the pieces from We Love You, but don’t get complacent, they also threaten to unleash some new work!

first-words-vol-2-print-smallCindy Keong is a Brisbane based photographer, poet and teacher.  Her poetry has been published in Page Seventeen, paper wasp, SpeedPoets, QLD Poetry Festival Anthology 2011 and the Third Australian Haiku Anthology. Her short films have been highly commended at the Overload Poetry Festival and shortlisted for the Queensland Poetry Festival Filmakers Award. Cindy was recently commissioned by if:Book Australia and Queensland Poetry Festival to take a series of photographs for the enhanced e-book, “The City We Build’. Her photography was also featured on the cover of Page Seventeen issue 10.  Cindy has performed her poetry at Queensland Poetry Festival, Blackall Heartland Festival and many local events.  Same Sky is her debut collection and this will be her first Brisbane reading from the book.

And as always, there will be plenty of space in the Open Mic Section with all readers in the running to be named Call-Back-Poet for the month. Each of the Call-Back-Poets will earn themselves a feature spot at the November event where they will have the opportunity to take home cash prizes, be crowned SpeedPoets Open Mic Champion, and thanks to Phillip Ellis, have a chapbook length zine of their work published ready to launch at the February 2014 event.

Ink it in your diary people! And don’t be shy… here’s the facebook invite, so spread the word! https://www.facebook.com/events/531096176940148

Date: Saturday July 27
Venue: The Hideaway, 188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
Time: Doors at 1:30pm for a 2pm Open Mic Start
Entry: Gold Coin Donation

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