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Vanessa Page – callback poet for (final Hideaway) May






Thank you to everyone who has come along to enjoy SpeedPoets at the Hideaway. To all the open mic’ers, all the new voices, the musicians, the crazies, the hecklers, the pop-in-and-lend-an-ear’ers, thank you. thank you thank you. Thank you Jimmy and The Hideaway for your support and having us perform each month. It’s been a treat.

Went out with a hoot last Saturday. A lively variety at the open mic including the return of a prodigal sausage roll – a bunch of new voices (great to see) –  many regulars throwing their final versed words into the comfy Hideaway atmosphere (including masked-Shanti)  –  Betsy Turcot performing her lyrical journey from ‘hugging the yellow line’ and Kevin Smith delivered a narrative with a spectacular Australian voice – and finally, long time SpeedPoet and award winning poet, Vanessa Page was chosen as Callback poet to feature in the November final.


Vanessa Page

QPF 2012

Vanessa Page is a Cashmere-based poet who hails from Toowoomba in Queensland. She has published two collections of poetry: ‘Feeding Paper Tigers’ (ALS Press, 2011) and ‘Confessional Box’ (Walleah Press, 2013). Confessional Box was the winner of the Anne Elder Award in 2013. She has twice been named runner-up in the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize for an unpublished manuscript, and in 2013 was runner-up in the John Knight Memorial Prize.


You’d brought home a string of coloured lights
and crafted a beautiful mess

a complex frippery
hanging like an imago garland
in the exhausted landscape we’d created

our CD collections had been making love for months
behind a smokescreen of conversation
and the endless scraping of deck chairs

now, only screeching rosellas create the static

our signals have been switched off
and we wait at ten paces, armed with
our own scorched earth policies

wondering, who will keep the strange ceramic bull
on the mantle when it all becomes final?

Congratulations Vanessa.

We hope you all make it along again to SpeedPoets at our new venue across the river at the Lucky Duck cafe, 15 Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill. I’ll post more about it soon. But here’s a link for now:

Lucky Duck Cafe



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Last dig at the Hideaway – May 31st – 2pm

The Hideaway is shutting its doors. Forever. SpeedPoets will have a new home for June but for now, come and enjoy the last SpeedPoets in the comfort of the Hideaway.

Bring a poem or two for the Open mic, there’ll be feature poets Betsy Turcot and Kevin Smith, music from Clinton Toghill and Mr Ocean, free zines, giveaways. We’d love to see you there. And love new voices stepping up for the open mic.

Then after SpeedPoets from 7pm are more poets, artists, bands crammed into the final day/night of the Hideaway – it’s Goodbye Jimmy. Hosted by Ghostboy.

Here’s a taste of our May features Betsy Turcot and Kevin Smith:

Betsy Turcot

is a performance poet, workshop facilitator and mother of one. She has featured at Queensland Poetry, Melbourne Overload, Brisbane Emerging Arts, Anywhere Theatre and Woodford Folk festivals. She is author of the verse novella, Hugging the Yellow Line. Betsy is also one of the two parts of the Belles of Hell alongside Eleanor Jackson. The Belles of Hell have co-written three poetic plays which have been performed around Australia as well as in New York City.

One last time in the record’s silence,
you tell me you ache to be wanted,
I tell you I ache to be wanted,
and we don’t say a word.

You tell me you ache to be wanted
until I am spent,
and we don’t say a word?
But the sheets speak in atonement

until I am spent.
I tell you I ache to be wanted,
but the sheets speak in atonement,
one last time in the record’s silence.

Kevin SmithIMG_0311

has found a home at SpeedPoets, a place to come in from the cold and test a handful of poems that feature in his one-person show ‘One Man Through His Sundered Hulks[1]. A work-in-progress, ‘One Man’ will be a mix of expressionism and narrative poetry blended and heightened through multi-media.

Largely autobiographical, the play’s about a boy’s relationship with his father and family, viewed through the unreliable and emotionally creative lens of memory.

An application for professional development of the piece is in the hands of RADF Sunshine Coast.


[1] Dylan Thomas, ‘Poem On His Birthday’



As the evening came down
the bull settled his lumbering bulk

into the lap of the paddock,
his monumental ease

nestled between the atmosphere
and the slow curve of the earth.

The flat dam lay encased
in the moist pods of his eyes.

His half-ton head swung
in the gloaming;

horns thick as arms
stirred the darkening air;

mist streamed from his muzzle.
A thunderous bellow

loosed from the plumbed depths of his gut-
that harbourage of draughts and slaughter-

 called the night down.
And the full moon-a wild eye-

came flying over the unfenced fields
of his omnipotence.



Saturday 31st May  – 2pm

The Hideaway
188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Open mic – Betsy Turcot – Kevin Smith

Clinton Toghill – Mr Ocean – prizes – free SpeedPoet zines


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April ANZAC weekend SpeedPoets

This Saturday 2pm in Brisbane, The Hideaway will again host SpeedPoets for more Open mic poetry, local and interstate feature artists Matt Hetherington, Chloë Callistemon and Simon Kindt, music from Clinton Toghill and Mr Ocean, and Free SpeedPoet Zines.

Of course there’s CallBack poet for the month (so pack an extra poem in yer pocket in case you’re called up) to join Feb and March winners, Andrew McGowan and Savanu in the November final.

Here’s some more on our feature artists:

Matt Hetherington has just moved to Brisbane, and is loving it like icecream. He writes and reads, and also chases dj work and the odd dog.

The Sexiest Look is Up 

from a book’s hidden
title, from a stranger
in a bookshop you can’t
afford, and she’s in some section
like ‘cooking’ or ‘law’
that you never go in
and you’re both not wearing black
all over, and someone’s drinking coffee
somewhere else where you heard a laugh come from
and you figure you may as well ask
if they have any anais nin
just quietly enough
and one of you looks
just a little bit too long
ok, it’s you


Some need no introductions. We like her lots. She’ll be there somehow.

North West

Perched high on the road, I
rumble through the desert.

The world is dusted
the colour of apricots.

A cow lies, legs in the air —
gas-fat, skin dried, drum-tight.

Once-orange work vests
flash sunburnt white.

In the silence post-4WD,
lizards rattle pebbles.

Sun soaks my camp, stains
a pool of sky.

Stars brand the night, hiss
through sweated dreams.

Dingo howls circle, noose
sound and reason.

Today’s sun rises through rotors,
beams slicing ridge tops.

Mudflat dragon-tails snake
away from twisting rivers.

Climb sandstone to reach
blood-red paintings.

Scratched and tanned. These rocks
feel like home.

Simon Kindt

Simon’s work explores the sublime and the ordinary in the colliding territories of landscape, the body, and the whole human mess. He has an open, gentle performance style, a generous grasp of human emotion, and a willingness to carefully peel back the seemingly ordinary to reveal what lies underneath.

When I am a landscape I will say

what clear lakes you have kissed into me,
what sweet water your fingers have poured in,

what birds I see circling in your mouth,
what elegant feathers unfold across your arms,

what light this is that dances over bones,
that moves through skin grown thin through winter,

when these lakes reach up to break ice open
and all your swans come thudding home.

Saturday 26th April  – 2pm

The Hideaway
188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

open mic

matt hetherington

chloë callistemon & simon kindt

prizes – free zines


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haiku tastes like chicken?

Open mic poetry – Trish Reid – Bill Moran – Music – Zines – Prizes

Bring a poem, bring your words, bring a loud clapping noise, bring a quiet haiku moment, bring your Saturday afternoon. It’s SpeedPoets at the Hideaway on Saturday the 29th – 2pm. It’s Open mic poetry at its scorching finest. It’s Good Ghost Bill (Southern Fried Haiku 2013 Champion) and local poetess Trish Reid, music from Clinton Toghill and Mr Ocean, Zines and giveaways all packaged in the comfortable ale or coffee atmosphere of the Hideaway.

The Speedpoets crew love meeting new performers and hearing new voices. Come and say g’day, sign your name on the open mic list and let your words ring out. Really hope to see you there. Here’s some more about Good Ghost Bill and Trish.


Bill Moran

Good Ghost Bill

(Good Ghost) Bill Moran was a proud member of the 2011-2013 Austin Poetry Slam national teams, as well as the 2012 & 2013 Austin Poetry Slam Champion and 2013 Southern Fried Haiku Champion. He has has co-directed the Texas Grand Slam two years running, featured at venues and taught workshops nationwide, conducted long-term poetry programs at a local juvenile justice center, as well as released four books and a CD. He is currently the president of Mic Check, a non-profit poetry and spoken word organization based in Brazos County, Texas. He loves it with all his heart. Also, he is convinced he has the Gulf inside him. He appreciates your concern and well-wishes, but swears he is OK. Really.

Trish Reid

Trish Reid

have been writing poetry much of my life   only started to take it seriously a couple of years ago ; reading more poetry reading poetics taking courses developing editing skills  sometimes wish i hadn’t left it so late (i turn 70 this year) then remind myself there is nowhere to get to but here

Saturday 29th March  – 2pm

The Hideaway
188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane


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Speedpoets 2014 – Open mic – Cathoel Jorss – JdUb – Saturday 22nd Feb

Speedpoets is back again for 2014 on the last Saturday of the month.  There’ll be Open mic poetry, feature artists Cathoel Jorss and JdUb, music from Clinton Toghill and Mr Ocean, zines and giveaways all packaged in the comfortable ale or coffee atmosphere of the Hideaway.

Bring a poem, bring your voice, bring yourself perhaps, bring a friend, bring your left ear. The Speedpoets crew love meeting new performers and hearing new voices. Really hope to see you there.

And speaking of new voices (for me), I just heard Cathoel perform recently and can’t wait to hear more.

Cathoel Jorss is a born poet, her work is original and full of hope, her lines ring with urgency and music.
Robert Adamson

Cathoel’s first publication was poetry: Going for the Eggs in the Middle of the Night. This collection sold out its first edition of 1000 and is now in reprint. Kerry Leves reviewing for Overland wrote, “The total impression is of a first-rate artist at work.”

A second collection of poetry titled Comb the Sky With Satellites, It’s Still a Wildernesswill be released in early 2014.

find more here: cathoeljorss.com



was one of the call back finalists in 2013 but couldn’t fit the moon through the front doors. Well now he’s back in a new phase (oh man that’s a bad joke) and apparently has some strategy to throw the moon at us without breaking any metaphors.

Moons of the Solar System by JdUb

Moons of the Solar System by JdUb

When challenged to write something new about the moon, JdUb created a rhapsody of poems of various styles. This rhapsody includes poems from his Apollo series (Apollo Elevensies) and visual poems  such as Moons of the Solar System.

Saturday 22nd February  – 2pm

The Hideaway
188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Open mic – Cathoel Jorss – JdUb – prizes – zines



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like the hard of a calloused palm

I reckon I watched Tony Mutton give up on poetry five times last year. I watched him unable to give it up. He kept pushing. He had a few nudges from some supportive Brisbane poets too and now look at the guy! (Well… maybe not the image to the right, but check out what he’s been up to recently). Brisbane is stoked to have a bloke like Tony performing and organising poetry events. Oh… and he’s performing at The Hideaway on Saturday for the SpeedPoets Final (details below).


Blogging at Darkarsean, Tony’s work is muscular and clear, sometimes even a bit hard, but it’s more like the hard of a calloused palm than anything more sinister.

Writing for over four years now, Tony has been an active presence in Brisbane’s grassroots poetry community, reading at venues such as Speed Poets, Jam Jar Poetry Slam, the Woodford Poetry Breakfast and Kurilpa Poets. He was a “words of honour” feature at the Words or Whatever Women’s Showcase in 2012 and received an encouragement award at the Urban Country Music Festival Bush Poetry Comp. His work has been published in Plum Tree Books – Poetry Anthologies including: Song of Sahel, The Butterfly Effect and All the Lonely People.   Tony performed as part of the spoken work program at the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival and was the winner of the 2013 Queensland Poetry Festival Slam and the recipient of The Spirit of Slam Award for 2013.

As organiser of the Poetry Open Words – POW event, Tony has focused on supporting other new writers and showcasing “dead poets” with a connection to Queensland.

When did you first come to SpeedPoets?

I first came along to see Speed Poets when they were still at Inspire Gallery and Bar in West End over three years ago.   It took about another 6 – 8 months before I actually joined in and did a reading.

What keeps you coming back?

I too like the people – it is a very supporting environment and the event has enabled me to meet and engage with people that have helped me improve my writing.

What’s one of your favourite poems and why?

Favourite poem – very difficult – so many.   Sea Peach by Catherine Kidd comes to mind.


Saturday 30th November Final – 2pm

The Hideaway
188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Open mic – Callback Finalists – Eleanor Jackson – Prizes – Zines


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one brilliant Sunday morning

in August this year I had the pleasure of going on a ginkgo (haiku walk) with a bunch of Brisbane poets. We walked around the City Botanic Gardens sketching  moments from the late Winter surrounds (and if you don’t know Brisbane in Winter it is fresh and colourful with a grand total of three deciduous trees – everything else is still green or blooming!) – Jonathan writes a coldly dark haiku about a boy between his parents that made me want to go and find the kid and adopt him. I wish I could quote the poem right now but you’ll have to ask him for it.
& lucky for you, Jonathan Hadwen will be performing at the SpeedPoets Final on Saturday 30th at The Hideaway. Here are three questions you won’t have to ask him:
When did you first come to SpeedPoets?
I first came to Speeds about four years ago …
What keeps you coming back? 
 … and I keep coming back because of the people.  Everyone is so welcoming, and it doesn’t matter if you read the crappiest poem you’ve ever written, you’ll still get a clap.  Although we seem to be “competing” in the callback thing, it is just for fun really, and I never actually feel like SpeedPoets is competitive.
What’s one of your favourite poems and why?
Hmmm, tough question.  I have a few poems at the top of my list, but today I will say Don Paterson’s “Luing” http://www.poetryarchive.org/poetryarchive/singlePoem.do?poemId=6174  I love a good heart-break poem – who would have thought to describe love as “that cup / of emptiness that is our one completion”  – brilliant!

Saturday 30th November Final 2pm The Hideaway 188 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Open mic – Callback Finalists – Eleanor Jackson – Prizes – Zines


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